Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Fairytale man

Very important to visit with Mister Finch.

And carouse with his fairytale creatures.

A guide to Inner Wild garments worn in Outlander you can purchase

Here is a work-in-progress guide to a few of my pieces worn by the Outlander cast which you can buy in my Inner Wild Etsy shop.

I intend updating this post regularly as more photos from Outlander are released showing Inner Wild clothing and I organise myself to make those items available if they're not already in my Etsy shop. 

Knitting is one of my greatest loves and is a wonderful, soulful complement to my writing. Garments are available in my Etsy shop on an irregular, random, ad hoc basis because that keeps it joyful for me. You can use this link to see which garments in Outlander are currently available: OutlanderOriginals from Inner Wild. {Or just search "Outlander" in my shop.}



1. The Scottish Outlaw Mitts:

are these:

{Thanks to Sue K. for sending me the Jamie pic, (which I hadn't seen) and asking if the mitts were mine. I also knitted the boot toppers Jamie - and many clansmen - are wearing. I'll be making up more organised listings for these shortly.}



1. The Sassenach Capelet:

is this:

and this:

2. The Sassenach Sleeves:

The Sassenach Capelet and The Sassenach Sleeves available in these shades:

See The Sassenach Sleeves in my Etsy shop.

3. The Celtic Mitts:

are these:

See The Celtic Mitts in my Etsy shop.

3. The Caledonia Shrug:

is this:

See The Caledonia Shrug in my Inner Wild Etsy shop.

A few of the other pieces bought by Outlander costume department which are currently available at Inner Wild {more to follow}:

Highlander Gloves

River Boot Toppers

Dragonfly Gauntlets

* Claire in shrug pic from Outlander TV News 1 Jamie on horseback pic sourced from Outlander TV News 2

Friday, 13 June 2014

My novel, THE WILD FOLK, released from captivity today

“Nature writing with juicy bits” - John Beswick 

My novel, THE WILD FOLK, is released from captivity today. 'Some folk are born wild. Others have wildness thrust upon them'.

You can read it here:

Thank you to the reviewers John Beswick, Stella Stedman, Owen Luckey and Stacy Pond for their kind words.


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

fairy tries to flee my knitting journal

A little fairy tries to flee my scrapbook knitting journal when she hears that I'm contemplating turning my bonkers tally marks visual knitting patterns {which I write to keep track of what I'm doing} into actual, understandable patterns for Ravelry. I am InnerWild on Ravelry.

Friday, 11 April 2014

time traveling wonders

Claire wearing my Inner Wild capelet and sleeves in dark grey

these Inner Wild handmade sleeves take at least as long to knit as the capelet

Claire wearing one of my Inner Wild shrugs

These are men's Celtic knotwork fingerless gloves I made which look divine on Claire

A dear friend suggested I read Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series of books years ago when I lived in New Zealand.

I loved them so much I couldn't bring myself to read the last book so the story, for me, would never end.

And now traveling through time, without the use of standing stones, to last year ... I didn't even know Outlander the television series was about to be filmed here in Scotland until the costume department began buying my Inner Wild, wilderness wear for dearhearts capelets, sleeves, fingerless gloves, cowls, shrugs, mens socks and boot cuffs.

My cousins have sent me a few photos of Claire wearing some Inner Wild garments. These have been hand knitted by me, close, but not too close, to Hebridean standing stones.

1. Inner Wild capelet and sleeves and also this capelet
2. Inner Wild shrug
3. Inner Wild Celtic gauntlets, men's size in chunky hand-dyed pure wool

Inner Wild, wilderness wear for dearhearts - Scottish supplier to Outlander. Happy to make clothes for fellow Outlander fans and Caitriots x Convo me on Etsy.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Cotton plant bursting to clothe us and little bird liking to rest on our Inner Wild natural clothes.

Friday, 3 January 2014

welcome 2014

Many thanks to all my wonderful customers and friends for supporting Inner Wild, wilderness wear for dearhearts throughout 2013. Felicitations to all for 2014.