Thursday, 29 January 2015

Knit two together, friendship

My dear friend and soul alchemist, Jackie Stewart of Flowerspirit, has written a beautiful blog post about my novel The Wild Folk - complete with giveaway. 

Please join in the sweet wildness here: Did you know a good book helps you connect more deeply with other people? Readers are sharing where they feel the wildness in their soul; very precious words. The winner's name will be drawn on the 'Snow Moon'.

I notice kindred spirits knit ourselves together, loosely and comfortably. 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Less knitting, more writing

Me calling seals at my local beach

Knitting is more relaxing than writing. And talking to dearhearts by Etsy convo is deeply satisfying; connections with kindred spirits being so captivating for the soul. 

But as Elvis didn't exactly say; A little less knitting, a little more writing baby.

With my new, blooming-lovely website from my publisher, Mountain Thunder, and my indie novel The Wild Folk garnering love and attention from readers I find my heart moving towards spending more time writing.

This is why I've resigned from my beloved treasury teams on Etsy and why there is not the usual abundance of items in my shop, and also why I'm no longer taking custom orders.

Perhaps if you feel a resonance with my Inner Wild, wilderness wear for dearhearts shop you might feel a resonance with my writing too?

Monday, 3 November 2014

wild yarn

Feeling drawn to wild yarns like yak and cashmere and alpaca and feral sheep.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A soulful project: The Shepherdess Capelet for Snàth, Hebtember'14

All my life I've knitted for all kinds of people from tiny premature babies to huge menfolk but I've never knitted anything quite as deeply soulful as The Shepherdess Capelet. 

This was my creation commissioned by Uist Wool and its Snàth contemporary craft in artisan yarns exhibition, part of a series of Outer Hebrides Hebtember '14 events.

You can see The Shepherdess Capelet, along with the stunning creations of six other Hebridean makers, at Uist Wool, Scotvein, Grimsay, North Uist 13 - 27 September 10am - 5pm.


Beautiful Uist deer shed antler buttons handmade by Mr Robert MacLeod, South Uist.

I collected these tiny rocks from the shore, Isle of Benbecula, tied them to the yarn and let them hang in the same way my Hebridean ancestors hung rocks on rope over the thatched roofs of their stone homes.

From staring at cones of gorgeous pure wool from Uist Wool to a few sketches to the final Shepherdess Capelet I could feel my ancestors behind me; mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, great aunties, who were all expert and practical knitters using the very same wool in the same place, influencing and guiding me through the many weeks of creating this project; a beautiful feeling.

Thank you to the gifted team of extraordinary people at Uist Wool.


Creative process

From these cones of glorious Uist Wool

to this

for this. {See more about Outer Hebrides Hebtember.}

First thoughts on what to make - tunic, capelet, tabard, dress, apron?

Decide on decorative capelet

Loving the idea of using irregular and various Aran knitting stitch panels, free-falling and loose and allowing an influence of traditional Maori Moa feather cloaks {I lived in NZ for 12 years}.

Made lots of cable panels and tried out different stitch patterns on different plys of yarn.

My love for Mediaeval style will never die so, of course, I had a little phase of that - thinking of having a sheer knitted veil / cape / hood hung prettily from the shoulders but not working, although I love this look.

Idea to use multiple tiny antler buttons in Victorian style on base capelet. Call maker of exquisite antler jewellery and buttons, Riverside Crafts, South Uist {available at Kildonan Centre} and speak with Morag.

My sewing pins never saw so much action!

Now, after 5 weeks of creating, I know exactly what I'm doing.

The Shepherdess Capelet, made with Uist Wool by a Uist woman in Uist.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Friday, 13 June 2014

My novel, THE WILD FOLK, released from captivity today

“Nature writing with juicy bits” - John Beswick 

My novel, THE WILD FOLK, is released from captivity today. 

'Some folk are born wild. Others have wildness thrust upon them'.

You can read it here:

The paperback is due for release in August. Thank you to the reviewers John Beswick, Stella Stedman, Owen Luckey and Stacy Pond for their kind words.